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On April 24th 1915 the Ottoman Empire began the systematic execution of its Armenian subjects, this will be known in history as the Armenian Genocide. Straw Dolls begins in the later months of 1915 in the Eastern Regions of Armenia. In a isolated farming village live Kevork Kachichian (Marco Khan) and his daughter Tamar (Michelle Yolyan).  Rumors have been spreading through out the village that the Turkish soldiers are to start deporting their village. In an attempt to avoid deportation he and his daughter are packing their homestead. 
Tamar pleads with her father to wait for their friends, but Kevork knows that time is not on their side.  Just as the last box is placed on the cart, a mounted Turkish Captain (Anthony Skordi) can be seen rounding the mountainside.  In a last ditch effort Kevork hides his daughter.  
As the convoy approached his home Kevork sees that their friends have been captured, Lucine (Mary Apick) and her daughter Aylne (Celine Talia).  Kevork attempts to convince the Captain of his allegiance and nationality through the Turkish language and customs he had acquired through his business. 
Unbeknownst Kevork his daughter Tamar is going to make a decision that will change their lives forever.

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